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4 years ago

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Creating a Shortcut can be fun, especially when thousands of users start using your Shortcut and rely on it on their daily personal- or work life. Our goal is to create the best tools for our Shortcut-developers to help grow, monetize, analyze and maintain their awesome creations. We are currently working on new features like Shortcut licensing, donate-buttons and other monetizing features and much more.

Today we are going to take a look at one of the critical areas that we have focused on for a long time: Updating your Shortcuts.

Updating your Shortcuts with new features and bug-fixes is key to grow a very popular Shortcut, and today we are taking a look at an all-new service; Automatically Updates. So imagine this: Your Shortcut is installed on 10.000+ devices around the world, and a new version of Apple Shortcuts is released, that breaks your Shortcut. Oh no. With our new Shortcuts Updater, you can upload a new version to ShareShortcuts.com, and all 10.000+ users will automatically, just like the App Store, get notified and asked to update their Shortcut, we even show them the Changelog for this release! We are trying to make Shortcuts as easy and convenient as the Apple App Store!

Our Shortcut Updater is pretty amazing. First, everything is handled by our global mirrors powered by Digital Ocean CDN, so it super fast from everywhere around the world. Second, we cache the response from our servers, so we only check the Internet for updates once every 3. day, meaning that unlike our "competitors" our Updater will not slow down your Shortcut in any way.

The most amazing thing about our Shortcut Updater is how simple it is to use. You'll need to add 4 actions into your Shortcut workflow (we are working on skipping this step, by letter our servers add these actions automatically) and boom, you are good to go.

After adding those 4 actions, every time you upload a new version of your Shortcut to ShareShortcuts.com, we'll take care of everything, and everybody will have the new version. No website to visit. No weird install methods. Just Update.

For Shortcut Developers:

To add Automatic Updated to your Shortcut, look for the new "Auto Update"-section under your Your Account -> "My Shortcuts". Here you'll find everything you need.

For Users:

Download our Shortcut Updater and keep all your Shortcuts from ShareShortcuts.com updated.