Text To Braille

text to braille converter..
N/A 10 months ago
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NCAA Football Top 25 Scores

Super simple shortcut that launches ESPN webpage to show NCAA Football Top 25 scores for the week...
fireguy15 9 months ago
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Today’s Dilbert strip

My first shortcut just for fun. Use it to get today’s Dilbert strip. Feel free to comment and of course feel free to ada..
weeeerdy 10 months ago
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Meme Generator

Meme GeneratorGenerate memes using templates or a custom image!DescriptionThis Shortcut takes an image and asks you for ..
brechtbakker 10 months ago
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NHL Info From ESPN

NHL Info From ESPNMenu allows you to choose from: Team Info from ESPN.com: Team Clubhouse Schedule Stats Roster Injuries..
fireguy15 10 months ago
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AHL Hockey Info

Shortcut to quickly access information pertaining to the AHL (American Hockey League), the premiere development league f..
fireguy15 10 months ago
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NBA Info From ESPN

Shortcut that directs to NBA Info on ESPN.comTeam InfoTeam Page (ESPN)Team StatsScheduleRosterDepth ChartInjuriesTransac..
fireguy15 9 months ago
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Today’s Dilbert strip

Pulls the Dilbert comic strip from the website and displays it...
rasmus-lo 9 months ago
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NFL Info From ESPN

Ver 3.0:Substantial rewrite of the process, added link to reddit streams and the shortcut no longer opens links in safar..
fireguy15 9 months ago
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ndsıdǝdoʍn ʇǝxʇ

ndsıdǝdoʍn ʇǝxʇThis shortcut turns your text ndsıdǝdoʍnUpsidedown text is a shortcut where you input text and it turns u..
kevinspcyfn 9 months ago
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Reverse Text

Reverse TextText reversal toolTakes a piece of text as an input and reverses it...
xxcd 9 months ago
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Sound Bites - Archer FX TV ShowFun audio clips from ArcherPicked some fun audio clips from the Archer TV series.Most aud..
mrp0xycat 9 months ago
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Where We Droppin’ Boys

Where we droppin boysSimple Fortnite drop point randomizerWe all have that moment of conflict of where to drop so preven..
fortnight 9 months ago
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This workflows allows speeds up the procces of adding movies to your Letterboxd account via the app. It supports adding ..
melangue 9 months ago
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Heads or Tails

Simple, flips a coin and returns heads or tails...
fireguy15 9 months ago
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Cat toy

Play hide and seek with your pet. Choose a sound and time and quickly hide your device. The sounds trigger your pet into..
N/A 9 months ago
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