Heads or Tails

Simple, flips a coin and returns heads or tails...
fireguy15 1 year ago
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Tell Me A Joke

Question: What do you call a singing laptop?Answer: A Dell不不不不不不不不不不不不不不Displays a random joke via the Random Joke API (..
olgablue 1 year ago
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99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Have you ever wanted to really annoy someone?Now you can with this classic song!99 bottles of beer on the wall. 99 bott..
2br-2b 1 year ago
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Cookie Clicker

Cookie ClickerCookie Clicker Classic recreated in Shortcuts!Cookie Clicker is a Shortcut inspired from one of my other S..
heyitzspencer 1 year ago
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If your superstitious this is for you. This gives a lucky letter, number, your fourtune, lucky color, and unlucky color...
jonathan 1 year ago
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50 States Plus

50 States Plus: The License Plate GameThe classic road trip license plate game brought to ShortcutsGreat for anyone who ..
mortee3 1 year ago
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Little Tots Christmas

A collection of fun videos and songs for tiny tots for the lead up to Christmas. Includes a Sata tracker and countdown c..
tonydudley 1 year ago
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Newton OS Installer

Hey guys I was away for about 14 hours now but Im back with another shortcut this time I built a shortcut to install yo..
the-os-guy 1 year ago
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Virus Prank Part 1

This shortcut is intended to be used as Prank its made up out of to parts get part two here >https://www.icloud.com/..
the-os-guy 1 year ago
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A shortcut that can organize all your programs into folders.Shortcut, 郈郋郋訇郇邿 郈郋迡郋邽 赲迮 赲訄邽 郋邾訄郇迡 郈郋 郈訄郈郕訄邾..
sokol491 1 year ago
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Keep track of your favorite sport 踝 while in the stands and automatically text updates..
chefchip1965 1 year ago
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Fortnite Helper

The URLs in here redirect to:Google Forms,Reddit,Youtube,RoutineHub,Share Shortcuts, fnbr.co, fortnitetracker.com, ..
ionlyplayasdrift 1 year ago
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Crash This Shortcut

This Shortcut Crash This Shortcut ..
xmrvizzy 1 year ago
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Wayback Machine

Time Travel Across the web..
techsavagepro 1 year ago
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郋邾訄郇迡訄 - 赲迮迡邽迮郅. 郋邾訄郇迡訄 郋郱迡訄迮 邾郇郋迠迮赲郋 郈訄郈郋郕 赲郇邽 郕郋郇迮赲郋邿 郈訄郈郕邽. 苺迡訄郅邽 邽 郈訄郈郕邽 邾郋迠郇郋 郋郅郕郋 赲 郕郋郱邽郇..
sokol491 1 year ago
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Play tic tac toe. I made this for the fun of it. The most difficult part was getting the images to appear correctly in s..
chefchip1965 1 year ago
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