Cat toy

Play hide and seek with your pet. Choose a sound and time and quickly hide your device. The sounds trigger your pet into..
N/A 1 year ago
930 likes • 9386 downloads

Tell Me A Joke

Question: What do you call a singing laptop?Answer: A Dell不不不不不不不不不不不不不不Displays a random joke via the Random Joke API (..
olgablue 11 months ago
911 likes • 9065 downloads

Cookie Clicker

Cookie ClickerCookie Clicker Classic recreated in Shortcuts!Cookie Clicker is a Shortcut inspired from one of my other S..
heyitzspencer 11 months ago
893 likes • 8577 downloads

50 States Plus

50 States Plus: The License Plate GameThe classic road trip license plate game brought to ShortcutsGreat for anyone who ..
mortee3 11 months ago
877 likes • 8738 downloads

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Have you ever wanted to really annoy someone?Now you can with this classic song!99 bottles of beer on the wall. 99 bott..
2br-2b 11 months ago
874 likes • 8288 downloads

Advent Calendar

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present the first and ultimate Advent Calendar in the shape of a Shortcut! Download toda..
kevinspcyfn 11 months ago
872 likes • 8825 downloads


If your superstitious this is for you. This gives a lucky letter, number, your fourtune, lucky color, and unlucky color...
jonathan 11 months ago
869 likes • 8336 downloads


A shortcut that can organize all your programs into folders.Shortcut, 郈郋郋訇郇邿 郈郋迡郋邽 赲迮 赲訄邽 郋邾訄郇迡 郈郋 郈訄郈郕訄邾..
sokol491 10 months ago
826 likes • 8403 downloads

Newton OS Installer

Hey guys I was away for about 14 hours now but Im back with another shortcut this time I built a shortcut to install yo..
the-os-guy 10 months ago
819 likes • 8156 downloads

Little Tots Christmas

A collection of fun videos and songs for tiny tots for the lead up to Christmas. Includes a Sata tracker and countdown c..
tonydudley 10 months ago
818 likes • 8322 downloads

Virus Prank Part 1

This shortcut is intended to be used as Prank its made up out of to parts get part two here >
the-os-guy 10 months ago
811 likes • 8084 downloads

Crash This Shortcut

This Shortcut Crash This Shortcut ..
xmrvizzy 10 months ago
791 likes • 7958 downloads

Fortnite Helper

The URLs in here redirect to:Google Forms,Reddit,Youtube,RoutineHub,Share Shortcuts,,, ..
ionlyplayasdrift 9 months ago
761 likes • 7754 downloads

Emoji GIF

Turn your emojis into a GIF!喫You can now animate your favourite songs.戊拎唐You can also turn text into gifs...
legitimater 9 months ago
758 likes • 7374 downloads


Keep track of your favorite sport 踝 while in the stands and automatically text updates..
chefchip1965 9 months ago
758 likes • 7465 downloads

Wayback Machine

Time Travel Across the web..
techsavagepro 10 months ago
755 likes • 7631 downloads
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