Cookie Clicker

Cookie ClickerCookie Clicker Classic recreated in Shortcuts!Cookie Clicker is a Shortcut inspired from one of my other S..
heyitzspencer 5 years ago
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99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

Have you ever wanted to really annoy someone?Now you can with this classic song!99 bottles of beer on the wall.  99 bott..
2br-2b 5 years ago
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Cat toy

Play hide and seek with your pet. Choose a sound and time and quickly hide your device. The sounds trigger your pet into..
N/A 5 years ago
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This workflows allows speeds up the procces of adding movies to your Letterboxd account via the app. It supports adding ..
melangue 5 years ago
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Virus Prank Part 1

This shortcut is intended to be used as Prank its made up out of to parts get part two here —>
the-os-guy 5 years ago
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50 States Plus

50 States Plus: The License Plate GameThe classic road trip license plate game brought to ShortcutsGreat for anyone who ..
mortee3 5 years ago
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Команда - вредитель. Команда создает множество папок внутри корневой папки. Удалить эти папки можно только в корзину..
sokol491 5 years ago
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Little Tots Christmas

A collection of fun videos and songs for tiny tots for the lead up to Christmas. Includes a Sata tracker and countdown c..
tonydudley 5 years ago
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If your superstitious this is for you. This gives a lucky letter, number, your fourtune, lucky color, and unlucky color...
jonathan 5 years ago
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Папка 📁

A shortcut that can organize all your programs into folders.​​Shortcut, способный упорядочить все ваши Команды по папкам..
sokol491 5 years ago
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Crash This Shortcut

This Shortcut Crash This Shortcut 😌..
kraineff 5 years ago
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Fortnite Helper

The URLs in here redirect to:Google Forms, Reddit, Youtube, RoutineHub, Share Shortcuts,,, ..
ionlyplayasdrift 5 years ago
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Keep track of your favorite sport ⚽️🏀🏈🏒 while in the stands and automatically text updates..
chefchip1965 5 years ago
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Counter Teams Content from and Discord CounterBot now!Features:Check Character StatsCheck out other Play..
dtd4204 5 years ago
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Shortcuts Slots

🎰 SHORTCUTS SLOTS 🎰Author: u/chefchip1965This game is intended to play lot a slot machine. It starts out by showing you ..
chefchip1965 5 years ago
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This is my personal spam bot...
2br-2b 5 years ago
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