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De-AMP redirects from AMP links & opens web pages directly in your preferred browser—for FREE! Introduced by Google in 2016, AMP, or "Accelerated Mobile Page(s)", was/were designed to reduce load times & increase speeds of web pages on mobile devices by serving up cached versions of pages which were hosted on Google's servers. This means that all traffic, as well as the subsequent ad revenue generated, goes to Google rather than to site owners & content creators. De-AMP also works with non-AMP URLs. This is for times when a web page doesn’t render correctly (or at all). To use De-AMP, open the share sheet while on a web page & select De-AMP from the menu. De-AMP will then open the page in your preferred browser. You can also run De-AMP by long-pressing on a link, selecting ‘Share’ from the menu, then selecting De-AMP.

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