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sc diff is the first and only shortcut that allows users to compare different versions of shortcuts and see the changes between the two versions. Modeled after the 'git diff' command found in Git version control systems, sc diff shows the changes between two versions of a shortcut. This can be helpful during the debugging process and can help find changes that broke a shortcut such as moving or changing actions, deleting actions, and adding new actions.

Check it out here

⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️ **sc diff may crash if comparing shortcuts that both have a large number* of actions. This is unavoidable and due to limitations of the software (Shortcuts) and/or hardware (iPhone). I'm hoping that future efforts to optimize sc diff will resolve this issue, but there are no guarantees.**

**Please Note: Number will fluctuate based on the amount of RAM available on your device at runtime.)*


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