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<h4>🔍 Overview<h4>

Powered by the Full-Text RSS API, Springboard is the most comprehensive, customizable, and effective shortcut to bypass paywalls and access restricted content online! Much like ad blockers, bypass (or "article extraction") tools are now a necessity as online news & media outlets continue to lock more and more content behind paywalls.

How to Use Springboard 

**📝 Note: Springboard requires an 🔑 API key to use**

Springboard is run from the share sheet in Safari (or your preferred browser). When you hit a paywall, simply tap the share sheet icon at the bottom of the screen and select 'Springboard' from the menu.

**Full instructions can be found here**

🎨 Custom Pages

With the release of Springboard v2.0.0, you can now customize the page when viewing an article in the app. Watch the video below to learn how!

Springboard 2.0.0 - Custom Pages

🚁 Bypass Paywalls from

Springboard screenshot from iOS

🚧 Limitations

Springboard does **not** work for the following publications:

  • Wall Street Journal (wsj.com)
  • Bloomberg (bloomberg.com)

*Lists are updated as needed.*

Last Update: 3.10.2024

 *If you use Springboard on a site that’s not on either list, please let me know the name of the site and the outcome (works / doesn’t work)*

🐞 Known Issues

For versions prior to v2.0.0

Due to bugs introduced in iOS 17 which broke the Quick Look action, when ‘Read in-app’ is selected, a PDF is created. You must tap the arrow on the right side of the alert window when it displays after selecting ‘View in app’ in order to view PDF of article.

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