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OpenPilot search

  • Voice search for locations, places or addresses, and choose from a visual + voice menu of results. Pick one and OpenPilot + iPhone navigation will start
  • Uses "Navigate with OpenPilot" shortcut

OpenPilot search

  1. Four ways to use:
  2. Say "(Hey) Siri, OpenPilot search" , or
    • (becuase "OpenPilot search" is the name of the Shortcut, and every shortcut is callable by name automatically)
  3. Save the shortcut to a home/lock screen widget 🔗, or
  4. Save the shortcut as a home screen icon 🔗, or
  5. Tap the Shortcut in the Shortcuts app.
  6. Wait for the prompt "what text?"
  7. ("what text?" was not my idea; you can't change the prompt; smh)
  8. Say the (mostly) complete address or location name without any long pauses
  9. You'll be presented with a list of results, and Siri will begin to read them. You can respond verbally or tap one of the results (even with CarPlay 🚗). Select one of the results or tap/say cancel to cancel.
  10. The default map app you specified during setup will open with directions to the destination, and you'll see a notification that navigation was set on your Comma device.


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Siri is supported

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