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More than just another Backup-Shortcut

This Shortcut doesn't just create a Backup. You can choose which Shorcuts to include in the Archive from your Gallery. What makes Dropbox Backup Manager so special is:

All Backups (You can create as many as you like) if packaged into a .zip Archive, can be named individually to create multiple Security Copies at different times if necessary, and then stored in Dropbox in a specially designed Folder.

Manage your Backups

In order not to lose track, it is possible to manage your complete Backup Archive with Dropbox Backup Manager. The Main Menu also shows when the last Backup was created.

For the time being, these are just the Basic Functions, further Extras and Improvements are already planned in. If a new Version of Dropbox Backup Manager is available, they will be automatically notified when the app launches.

Feel free to suggest more options, I hope you enjoy my new Shortcut :)

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